...and we're off!

taking a year of pretirement to travel the world

on may 23, 2013, we quit our jobs and began our year of "pretirement." these are some of our adventures around the world.

my last day of work

yesterday marked the end of one chapter, and the beginning of a very different one. to call it surreal feels like an understatement.  my time at JL has been an insane ride full of incredible ups, downs, and lots of learning and laughing (and accents!) in between. i'm going to miss everyone tons - especially KG, the other half of CK1 / ballereffi.

and so, because it seems fitting on so many levels, and because it perfectly captures my excitement for what's to come, i'd like to quote the one and only dr. seuss:


         today is your day.

         you're off to great places!

         you're off and away!

         ...oh, the places you'll go!"