...and we're off!

taking a year of pretirement to travel the world

on may 23, 2013, we quit our jobs and began our year of "pretirement." these are some of our adventures around the world.

this is a list of all the people who've opened up their doors and hosted us for a night (or several). you guys are the best and deserve all the good karma in the world. we are beyond grateful! and of course, our doors are always open if you're ever in our new adopted home of London!


Adam Cantor (Hong Kong)

Alicia Bathke and Ming Li (Seattle)

Ashley Swopes (Brooklyn)

Ashley Swopes and Aaron Hawkins (Atlanta)

BJ Bronston and Susan Zhang (Brooklyn)

Cassi Pires (Austin)

Clare Carpenter (Boulder)

Dave Ewart (Minneapolis)

Dodi and Michelle Ballecer (Phoenix)

Greg Blaufuss (Roanoke)

Graeme Sweeney and Miranda Jackson (London)

Janice and Albert Geronimo (Quezon City)

JB Ballecer and Alana Robson (Sydney)

Joanne Ballecer and Paul Veitch (London)

Jon and Cindy Stoewer (Minneapolis, Tempe)

Julia Kirkpatrick and Dave Hudson (San Francisco)

Kevin Roberts (New Orleans)

Kim Yeung (Toronto)

Lani Nguyen (Chicago)

Lola Glory, Tita Ellen, Tos Barrientos, and Ace Escueta (Manila)

Lola Mona, Auntie Debbie, Auntie Marisa, and Uncle Warren (Waterford)

Manfredi Monticelli & Family (Cortina d'Apezzo)

Mike Lee (San Francisco)

Molly Yurick and Pelayo Canteli (Oviedo)

Nathan Fellows (Sao Paulo)

Nick Alexander (Los Angeles)

Rachel Stoewer (Brooklyn)

Ray and Emily Ballecer (Milwaukee)

Sally Olson and Emili Woody (Portland)

Sandra Duran, Eduardo Ayllon, and Nicola Ayllon-Duran (La Paz)

Tito Nilo and Tita Mila (Phoenix)

Thom Tessier and Nick (Paris)

Tricia Roy (Chicago)

Vicki Ewart (San Diego)

Vitor Selles (Rio de Janiero)

Yoni Macagon and Shira Bramnick (Chicago)